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5 Disks now available for Trumpet Disks 1-4 recorded by Jeff Bailey (co-principal of The Nashville Symphony and first call session player)

Disk 5 recorded by Steve Patrick (former Maynard Ferguson trumpeter and first call session player)

Each CD is available for only $14.95 or all 5 CDs for only $64.95 (save $10!)

Disk 1 - Daily Routines
A warm-up routine that will take you 30 minutes from start to finish. Jeff plays an exercise and then allows you to emulate his sound and technique with a click track. Included exercises: long tones, lip slurs, expanding scales and simple technical studies.


Disk 2 - Daily Routines Extended
A more advanced version of Disk 1, with different exercises that are more difficult. From start to finish, this CD will take you 45 minutes to play through with the proper amount of rest. Included exercises: lip slurs, scales, chromatics and an interval study that is worth the price of the CD alone!


Disk 3 - Scales
Over 45 minutes of scales on this CD make it a monster of a tool. Created to systematically improve performance of all major, minor (natural), chromatic and whole tone scales. Three versions of each scale at progressively faster tempos to challenge players at any level. Diminished and augmented arpeggios are also included in this routine to get the fingers moving.


Disk 4 - Tonguing and Articulation
Finally, a CD that will help you work on single, double and triple tonguing. The best part of this CD is that you can hear each exercise played properly first. Jeff Bailey plays the exercise first, and then you play it back to a click track. Progressively challenging to push players at ANY playing level. A series of exercises utilizing standard articulations is included to help players become more acquainted with them.


Disk 5 - Extensions
Do I need to say anything? Every trumpet player wants to play high. Here’s a CD that will help..BUT...it is not intended to guarantee a Double C. Steve Patrick helps you to focus on playing with power and support. It is not how high you play, but how strong and supported (not thin and weak). I will say there are a few Double C’s on the recording (just so you know that he can play them). Enjoy!!!

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